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January 19, 2016

Flight Tax Systems and AVMOSYS Flight Scheduling Software Announce New Data Exchange Capabilities

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Flight Tax Systems and ARGUS International, Inc. are pleased to announce the integration of Flight Tax System’s world-class aviation tax software into AVMOSYS flight scheduling software. Flight Tax Systems is a web-based application designed to assist owners, operators and tax professionals track the tax-related activities associated with their aircraft.  AVMOSYS is a one-stop solution to schedule company assets, aircraft, crews, and training with ease, efficiency, and timeliness.

“We are pleased to announce our relationship with AVMOSYS and their parent company, established industry leader ARGUS International,” said Jed Wolcott, CPA, President of Flight Tax Systems. “The seamless exchange of information between our two software platforms provides a unique and extraordinary value-add for our customers, enabling them to improve efficiency and productivity while simultaneously managing flight data and tax-related activities of their aircraft.”

Joe Moeggenberg, President and CEO of ARGUS International went on to say, “One of the most painstaking aspects of owning and operating a business aircraft is preparing the annual tax returns. Flight Tax Systems is proficient in ensuring their customers receive all appropriate tax deductions and benefits they are entitled to. This integration with AVMOSYS provides a consolidated and more efficient solution for our users.”

AVMOSYS is a comprehensive, cloud-based, smarter alternative to flight scheduling software. With AVMOSYS, your entire operation works flawlessly together through one program that intuitively enhances the knowledge, communication and coordination throughout your company. AVMOSYS manages information and data that spans significantly beyond the flight schedule and works harmoniously with other software including: contract fuel, aircraft maintenance, SMS programs, charter websites, and accounting systems. With the power of AVMOSYS, your organization will become more efficient, eliminate errors, reduce cost and improve profits.

Flight Tax Systems (FTS) is a user-friendly software application designed for aircraft owners and operators to track the tax-related activities of their aircraft. Flight Tax Systems, LLC is a division of Wolcott & Associates, P.A., an aviation dedicated group of CPAs and professionals helping clients to identify, protect and preserve tax deductions for their aircraft. Wolcott & Associates, P.A. offers a complete suite of aviation tax solutions, including tax return preparation, financial reporting, structuring aircraft purchases and sales, audit defenses, consulting and the FTS web-based aviation tax management software. For more information on FTS visit: www.flighttaxsystems.com.