Automated Flight Tracking & Tax Reporting Solutions for Business Aircraft

Providing aircraft owners and operators with accurate flight information for reporting personal use of aircraft, preparing tax returns and defending their aircraft deductions on audit!

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Discover how you can benefit from the Flight Tax Systems (FTS) aviation tax software.

SIFL Reporting

SIFL (Standard Industry Fare Level) is the taxable fringe benefit charged to employees for non-business use of the company aircraft. FTS automates the process of calculating SIFL while eliminating the need for complex and erroneous spreadsheet calculations. FTS takes all special circumstances into consideration and saves users time and confusion while providing worry-free, accurate reporting!

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Cost Disallowance Reporting

Companies are required to disallow aircraft costs, expenses, and depreciation from non-business flights. FTS simplifies this process and calculates cost disallowance using all four IRS-approved options. Results are presented in an easy to read format, allowing users the ability to effortlessly compare reporting options and choose the method that is most advantageous to them.

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Business Use Tracking for § 280F Depreciation

The § 280F reporting tool allows users to track Qualified Business Use (QBU) for § 280F Depreciation Recapture for Business Aircraft. The system assists users in tracking both the 25% and 50% business use criteria which are critical requirements for meeting depreciation recapture.

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State Sales and Use Tax

Many states have specific rules that must be followed when deferring or reducing sales and use taxes.

FTS provides state reports that track days, miles and landings within applicable states, which can result in substantial taxpayer savings on state sales tax filings.

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SEC Incremental Cost Reporting

FTS offers a complete suite of flight tracking and reporting solutions including an SEC reporting tool which enables publicly held companies to be able to report the incremental cost of executive’s personal use of aircraft for proxy disclosure purposes.

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Cost Center Reporting

Users can also benefit from tracking their flight activity by cost centers, allowing them to analyze and perform cost allocation calculations of flight charges across user-defined cost centers or business units.

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Site License Versions

Site license versions of the software are available for organizations with multiple aircraft-owner clients, such as CPA firms, aircraft management companies and family offices. Site License versions include all of the Enterprise version features, allowing CPAs and tax professionals to report and monitor the use of their client’s aircraft seamlessly through one software solution.

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Scheduling Software and Flight Data Integration

FTS offers an electronic data upload feature and has partnered with leading industry flight scheduling software companies to provide a data exchange of information. Users save time and improve efficiency by being able to electronically upload pertinent flight information into their FTS subscription.

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Even More Features!

More features to securely and confidently provide you with comprehensive and accurate flight tracking and tax reporting for your business aircraft.

  • Audit substantiation reports
  • Document uploads for contemporaneous recordkeeping
  • Definable flight categories for customized flight tracking
  • Excel exports
  • Unlimited aircraft (wholly-owned, charter and fractional supported)
  • Unlimited system users
  • Complimentary setup, onboarding and training
  • User-defined security and authentication options
  • Resource Library with links to IRS regulation documentation
  • Custom report programming options
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